Small Group Ministry 202: Healing and Transformation in Small Groups

Sat, 11/07/2015 - 1:00pm - 4:30pm

For Small Group Ministry Facilitators -- Both Experienced Facilitators eager to take their groups to the next level, as well as Beginning Facilitators who would like an introduction to Small Group MinistryRev. Dr. M'ellen Kennedy

SPONSORS: This event is co-hosted by First Parish in Bedford MA, First Parish Church of Stow & Action MA, and First Parish in Concord, MA with support from the New England Region UUA

PRESENTER: Rev. Dr. M'ellen Kennedy, Co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network

In the past decade many congregations have adopted Small Group Ministry (or Covenant Groups) to address the needs of friendship, spiritual growth and service in our congregations.  The focus of our afternoon will be exploring the question, “What leads to healing and transformation in small groups?” We’ll cover topics such as

  • inviting epiphanies;
  • what is spiritual growth and what nurtures it;
  • cultivating respect;
  • creating a compassionate group environment;  
  • preventing and addressing challenges in groups

The workshop will help You enjoy facilitating more and make the group experience as transformational and revitalizing as possible for Yourself and the other participants.  We’ll end with how to bring this powerful work back to our congregations and out into our broken and beautiful world.  

If You have attended programs with Rev. Kennedy in the past, this workshop has new material and focuses on the big picture of why and how this approach works and matters.

You are invited to submit any pressing question, issue or ideas you have through the registration form. Coffee and check-in starts at 12:45pm.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The workshop is intended for both folks who are experienced facilitators eager to take the group experience to a higher level as well as those who would like an introduction to Small Group Ministry.  It works very well to have in the mix new and more experienced members together. 

LOCATION: First Parish in Bedford, MA (Directions)

EVENT FEE: $30 for individuals and $15 for seminarians (includes snacks and an information packet for each participant)

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy is passionate about the power of Small Groups to feed our souls and help heal our ills.  Her doctoral dissertation at the University of Illinois was on worldview transformation in small groups.  She has been involved with lay led small groups for over 30 years as a facilitator, trainer, organizer, researcher and writer.  Participants love her workshops and come away with fresh perspectives on the power of small groups and with renewed enthusiasm about their work as facilitators. Rev. Kennedy is a co-founder of the UU Small Group Ministry Network, and started and served for four years as editor of the Small Group Ministry Quarterly.  She lives in Vermont where she serves the Washington and Springfield Unitarian Universalist Churches.